Nervous Bladder

Reasons For A Nervous Bladder

A shy or nervous bladder is not a serious condition. There can be a few possible physical reasons for this condition. But it is considered a psychological condition or a phobia.  To treat a nervous bladder, a sufferer probably will have to go through a physical examine and a psychological one as well to be fully cured.

This condition can mimic a bladder or urinary tract infection because it has some of the same symptoms. A nervous bladder is an urgent need to use the bath room and an inability to urinate completely. But when the person attempts to use the bathroom they feel as if the bladder is still full. A person with this condition can also have an unfounded fear of public restrooms or any other restroom but his own. This irrational fear adds to a panicked feeling and this can make the urge to urinate more severe.

There are no known causes for having a nervous bladder. Most people who suffer with it are known to have phobias surrounding using the bathroom. This can be from a bad experience or the fear of germs. Most people, who have this disorder, cannot use public restrooms. They can fear contamination or the thought of using the bathroom in front of other people can be over whelming for them. In some cases, a person who has a nervous bladder may even have problems using their own bathroom. When this happens, a doctor will probably run specific tests to see if the cause isn’t physical.

Some of the physical reasons behind a nervous bladder can add to the problem. There is a condition called overactive bladder and it has many similar symptoms of nervous bladder. There is an extreme urgency to use the bathroom but urine leakage can also occur from these urges. To rule out nervous bladder, completely a doctor will have to do additional tests to find the underlining cause.

Tumors or any other kind of urinary blockage can result in a nervous bladder and this is considered a very serious condition. Blockages can occur in the kidneys, bladder or urethra.
The symptoms include not be able to urinate or only producing a few drops of urine. There can also be pain on the sides of the stomach and abdominal swelling. The worst types of urinary blockages are tumors, an enlarged uterus and blood clots. But sometimes the blockage is due to kidney stones and although this is a painful condition, all the symptoms stop when these stones naturally pass in the urine. 

If a person has a nervous bladder they may also be suffering with a bladder infection. Along with the urgency to urinate, pain can also be present. This happens when bacteria moves to the bladder and multiplies. The symptoms are the same as a nervous bladder but blood can clearly be seen in the urine and it can also be very cloudy. A bladder infection can be cured by a doctor. He can prescribe antibiotics and the infection is allowed to clear up within a few days.

Since there is no clear cause for having a nervous bladder, you may have to go through many tests to determine what is causing it. Sometimes, there is no physical reason for this condition and the person who is suffering will have to go to counseling or therapy to correct the problem. But it could also be a combination of both. Most doctors recommend that a person suffering with these symptoms should be seen right away. It may be a serious physical problem that should be addressed immediately.